My original goal and intent, almost 10 years ago when I bought this domain name, was to provide information that I thought would be helpful to others, based on my own experience of trying to make money online.

At that time, I was simply trying to figure out how it all worked. And while learning by trial and error, and chasing lots of bright, shiny objects, I managed to earn a living. However, it didn’t occur to me until years later that I hadn’t really built a business.

So, here I am … a wealth of information and acquired skills, rebranding myself, and what I have to offer — again.

This year, I have another new site: Drivers Earn More.

And last year, I updated my primary website: Expert Help Desk Support. Because I was proud of that accomplishment of working on my OWN business for a change, instead of always focused on a client’s business, I created this as a way to promote ME:

I have 38 years of computer expertise and have learned so much in the past 14 years of being online and NOT having a traditional job. 🙂

I love helping people with what may be intimidating or confusing to them, but easy for me. Check out how I can help with the technical aspects of an online business by visiting Expert Help Desk Support.. And if you know anyone who might benefit from my assistance, please, feel free to share my site with others. It’s already appreciated!

Net Marketing for Newbies was originally created to be a resource site to help you find the very best Internet Marketing resources and affiliate programs (that I personally use or have experience with managing) without breaking the bank! 🙂

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