30 Day Stretch Yourself Challenge

A few hours ago I listened to the Opening Ceremonies of the 30 Day Stretch Yourself Challenge hosted by Kelly McCausey of SoloSmarts.com

Admittedly I wasn’t sure what to expect, but while listening, found myself motivated to participate because it’s all about clearly defining “Who I AM” . . . “What I do” . . . and . . . “What I want YOU to do about it.”

Those are pretty clear goals that I’ve decided I’d like to achieve in the next 30 days. However, “tooting my own horn” has never been my thing AND it’s been uncomfortable trying to do so. But I’m STRETCHING in 2015 and determined to see results. So, I’m taking this Challenge and inviting you to do the same.

Here’s what I’ve learned about it so far:

In the Spring of 2013 Kelly McCausey hosted the first 30 Day Stretch Yourself Challenge with a group of determined people who wanted to grow their online businesses.

The Challenge was fun and productive and participants requested a repeat Challenge. Kelly’s heart was willing but her schedule was too crazy and it wasn’t to be when initially intended.

But I’m really pleased to tell you that she’s decided to bring the Challenge back, and guess what? It started today!

Take a peek at all you could accomplish with us this month:

The Challenge is all about Content Marketing.

Kelly asks you ‘What is it you want your market to know about you?’ and she’s there to help you figure out what that is if you’re not quite sure yet.

Then, you choose one of seven specific content creation challenges to complete during the month and you ROCK it out with Kelly’s advice, feedback and encouragement.

Full directions are provided for every project so while you do need to have a site set up, you don’t necessarily have to have much else ready to participate.

Wherever you are, that’s where you’ll be starting 🙂

One benefit of participation is being part of the Challenge Community. Kelly has created a private forum tucked away on the Solo Smarts site where everyone posts their project of choice and gives updates.

All of the other Challengers get to see and give you support as you work things through. Knowing that you’re not alone is a huge mental and emotional lift when you’re tackling something new – when you’re Stretching Yourself!

Get signed up for the Challenge right HERE!

Oh, I almost forgot . . . there’s a VERY limited time coupon code you can use because I’m already participating in the Challenge. Just enter: JOINME30 to knock off 30% of this value-packed journey to defining a more awesome you!

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

It’s been years since I’ve written a blog post, and I suppose I should be ashamed.  However, blogging has never been my thing.  I’ve been a behind the scenes kinda gal, but 2015 demands that I break out of what’s been comfortable for me.

SO . . . there’s this event I want to attend next month.  And I learned that if I submitted a blog post, I MIGHT have an opportunity to win two tickets to the Daytona Beachpreneurs Lifestyle Conference, February 27 – March 1.  To be considered:

“Blog about one way you feel ‘Frazzled’ in your business activities and share why you’d love [to] attend the Daytona Beachpreneurs Lifestyle Conference.”

I have to admit that ‘Frazzled’ is a word I had to look up to be sure I understood its meaning.  Although I found several definitions, this one from http://www.urbandictionary.com resonated with me:

“To be feeling a bit brain-fried; lost and confused; not functioning properly; slightly stressed; all over the place.”

To be honest, that’s pretty much been the state of my ‘business activities’ for the past 12 years.  No real structure or foundation for running a business.  Just 36 years of computer operations, software training and troubleshooting skills.  Thankfully, I’ve managed to utilize all of that experience in a haphazard fashion since 2003 to eek out a living without a traditional job.

And that is the real issue over which I am most ‘Frazzled’.   People who know me and the quality of my work recognize that I’m dedicated, diligent, detailed oriented and know my stuff.  Yet, I’m still struggling to earn the kind of income I know I am capable of earning!

Although it may appear as if I’m living the ‘dream’ lifestyle where my income is generated from online activities and I live in Daytona Beach, my bank account is embarrassingly the opposite of what is touted as the Internet and Beachpreneurs Lifestyle.  And that absolutely MUST change in 2015!

Being able to attend the Daytona Beachpreneurs Lifestyle Conference would be beneficial in:

  • Gaining guidance and direction so that I can create my own powerful and successful business (as I have watched each of the speakers do for themselves);
  • Discovering how to more clearly define a business structure designed to generate more than enough income;
  • Determining how best to develop additional products around my new web service; and
  • Helping to boost my self-esteem and elevate my confidence level – I want to really show up in the world with what I have to, and can, offer – not just have the appearance of confidence.

Having recently experienced a time of ‘Frazzled’ uncertainty, which made me feel lost and confused about what my future business looks like, I have had to emerge from my self-imposed cocoon and ‘slap myself in the face’.  And I recognize my future totally depends on never putting myself in such a position again.

So, since I live less than five miles from the event location, I would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to attend the Daytona Beachpreneurs Lifestyle Conference.

Being able to spend three days getting to know each of the speakers better, while learning how to “see the big picture, adopt success focused attitudes and use methods [you each] have developed” would not only be enlightening and empowering, but also AWESOME, as I know you each are.  🙂

Thank you for providing an opportunity to WIN 2 Free Tickets for the Daytona Beachpreneurs Lifestyle Conference.