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An online colleague asked me to compose 3 lists and email them.  Now I’m going to guess the reason was two-fold.

Creating the lists helped me get really clear about what I can do, have done, and the direction I’m striving to move toward.  Emailing the lists provided proof that I did as asked.  And I do so appreciate that because I’ve always known that accountability to ME isn’t always my strongest suit.

Since my Uber driving has been halted for 3 weeks and counting, I have been diligently updating and revamping my online presence as I find myself in re-invention mode – again.

When I bought this domain 11 years ago, it was my attempt at having a place where people could find resources that had been beneficial to me in my search for ‘making money online’.  Blogging was not the goal, although it was supposed to be.  Honestly, I didn’t feel confident enough that what I wanted to write about in 2007 and beyond would be of interest to others.

That feeling combined with not really wanting to share whatever I was thinking, in writing, was a serious stronghold in my mind from law school.  It was that entire first year experience, and the flunking out of law school, that led me to incorrectly believe for way too many years that I could not write.

In more recent years, I’ve overcome those feelings because I realized over time that I write daily.  And I can indeed put the English language together, so others understand.  So that means I can write!

I shared all that because I’ve been toying with the idea of freelance writing, although still not sure what I’d want to write about.  In the meantime, however, as I update my new site by moving content from here to, I wanted to announce that this is my last blog post on Net Marketing For Newbies.  The domain is due to renew in October and I’ve decided 10 years is long enough for it to be somewhat dormant.

This was the first website I taught myself to build. In fact, the first iteration of this site was hand-coded with HTML.  I had taught myself enough to be ‘dangerous’.

Anyway, the lists I was asked to create are being shared here because I realize there are people who do not know what I do or how I could potentially assist them.

Now that there’s a new place for my content at, I thought it was time to make that information clearer. 🙂

10 Things I AM Really Good At

  1. Word Processing (Formatting documents; making content look good and error free)
  2. Proofing (finding errors and fixing them)
  3. Creating PowerPoint slides, PDFs
  4. WordPress, Theme & Plugins Setup
  5. Designing Websites for people who don’t know how, or who do not have the time to do (not sure I can call myself a web designer, but I enjoy building websites, so they are functional and nice looking)
  6. Configuring Memberships Sites (DAP, Wishlist, Thinkific, InstaMember)
  7. Setting up the Opt-in and Funnel Processes
  8. Quick screen-sharing “how to” videos
  9. Troubleshooting computer/internet issues; things that don’t work as expected
  10. Making sure systems work as intended (quality control)
  11. Remembering how to do anything I’ve seen done on the computer. My gift or super power is my memory
  12. Quickly learning and understanding software, and if necessary, implementing immediately
  13. Talking to people
  14. Sharing helpful/useful computer/internet usage information
  15. Technical writing (detailed instructions, FAQs)
  16. Meticulous Attention to Details
  17. Training end-users how to use software or teach them what they want to know
  18. Answering computer and internet related questions
  19. Finding the answers if I don’t know
  20. Interacting with Clients’ Customers

What I REALLY Like Doing

  1. Word Processing and Proofing
  2. WordPress, Theme & Plugins Setup
  3. Designing Websites
  4. Configuring Memberships Sites (DAP, Wishlist, Thinkific, InstaMember)
  5. Setting up the Opt-in and Funnel Processes
  6. Quick screen-sharing “how to” videos
  7. Troubleshooting computer/internet issues; things that don’t work as expected
  8. Making sure systems work as intended (quality control)

What I Believe People Need/Want

  1. Quality work and timely turnaround
  2. Clear and frequent communication
  3. A website, if they don’t have one, or their current one needs updating
  4. Some want/need “Hand-holding” or Step by Step Instructions/Training to implement and finish whatever they need to get done . . . NOW
  5. A place where all their paid content is easily located (membership or training site)
  6. Someone they can rely on to answer most pressing/urgent computer/internet-related questions

If something above appealed to you and could be of benefit to you, Let’s Talk!

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