About Me


Before coming online in search of earning income, I was a Help Desk Support Specialist who loved the job activities, but not the J-O-B. When I lost that position in October 2002, I turned to the Internet because nothing I did offline seemed to work in terms of finding reasonable employment.

It was 2007 before I found the type of online work I was initially looking for in 2003. So aside from the other online activities I have become involved with over the years, I also provide help desk support for a few Internet Marketing professionals.

While it has been a total ‘faith walk’ creating income without a traditional offline J-O-B, I can honestly say that despite the hardships, I absolutely LOVE and prefer being online! Practically ALL of my time is spent online: learning, reading, providing help desk support, advertising, marketing, promoting, and of course, meeting and interacting with other people who are either:

  • unemployed, unhappily employed, or underemployed;
  • wanting to start a business and seeking information or advice;
  • looking for something they can do from home to earn additional income;
  • already in business for themselves;
  • struggling affiliate or network marketers; and/or
  • anyone wanting information about how to better utilize the Internet to get the word out about whatever it is they are doing, or want to do, online.

I enjoy helping people, especially those who are new to the internet (newbies, or beginners, if you prefer that term). I’m on a mission to help people who want to learn how to more effectively advertise their business online; and/or who desire to utilize their computer and the various software programs they have, but may not know how to use.

You can always reach me on Skype. But please send a text chat first to baseballmom letting me know how you found me, and how I can be of assistance to you.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

On a Personal Note:
I am the product of an Army family, having lived in France, Japan and several of these United States, while attending 10 different schools before graduating high school. After three years at Kent State University, I transferred in order to work full-time while attending Georgia State University at night. I finally earned a college degree and then completed a year of law school, but none of that really prepared me for where I am today.

I became an EXTREMELY proud, Marine Mom in January, 2008 when my son earned the title of “The Few, The Proud”. And while I have never had the urge to do any type of volunteering before, I was one of many volunteers for MarineParents.com and instrumental in helping that fine organization win Squidoo’s $3,000 Charity Giveaway in July, 2009.