A Johnson Enterprise

. . . an umbrella for the various business ventures that Anita Johnson is involved with. She has learned a wealth of information and seeks to share that knowledge with others, particularly people who have yet to feel comfortable with their computer skills or marketing their businesses online.

Since late 2006, Anita has also been providing online Help Desk Support (customer service) for several well-known Internet Marketing ‘gurus’ and their affiliate programs.

However, when Anita started her online career in April, 2003 — six months after losing her ‘good’ Help Desk Support Specialist job — she wasn’t very clear about what she wanted to do.  All she knew was that she had always wanted to work from home.  While searching for ways to earn income online, she was introduced to the Network Marketing industry.

Anita has made all of the mistakes that one can make in the Network Marketing industry, but it has taught her SO much about herself and life in general.  And even though she has represented a few companies, she’s finally found the one that works best for her.

She absolutely loves working from home because she’s available for her Mom, who suffered a mild stroke.   Anita can’t imagine working a full-time job and caring for her Mom at the same time.  She makes her own schedule and decides what she will work on and with whom.  And she’s not nearly as stressed out like many people who are still caught in the ‘rat race’, trying to make a buck and pay their bills.

Anita is interested in working with people who are seriously asking themselves:

When the ‘job’ is gone, or health is affected,
how ELSE will I earn an income?

Here’s an Idea . . .

When her son was going through Marine Corps Recruit Training, she learned that letter writing was the only form of communication they were allowed to do while he was away for four months.

Anita knew that writing him a letter EVERY day (as was suggested by other parents who had already endured boot camp) was going to be a challenge for her.  And the idea of him writing to her was . . . well, she knew that would be another new experience for him to “adapt, adjust and overcome.”

Then she found a way to send real greeting cards from her computer, even though she had never been one to send cards.  Anita had always thought it took too much time to go to the store to pick out cards and felt they were too expensive.  Never mind the additional chore of getting the cards mailed.

But this online service made things really easy and she started sending her son cards almost every day.  And when he graduated, she found that he had saved all of those cards! That made Anita feel great because she and her son had had a really strained relationship before he left.  Anita believes that sending those cards made a huge difference and healed the relationship between her and her son.

She’s been using this online service ever since and sends unexpected and holiday cards, never forgets birthdays and anniversaries anymore, and also keeps better track of all her contacts. Check out the site she created to help let others know about this wonderful service: GreetingCardsFromHome.

Anita wonders whether you know anyone who might like to know about a service like that?